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The Future of Delivery

About PackageMax

PackageMax is designed to be a Durable, Practicable,  Easy to Use, Light Weight Private Parcel Locker, to accommodate the growing demand of online ordering and package deliveries. 

The Traditional Mailbox CANNOT accommodate the daily demand of Packages shipped by Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and other major online retailers. As Online Ordering continues to grow we saw a need to create a cost effective solution that could accommodate your Package delivery needs by providing Privacy & Protection. 

* Protect Your Packages from Theft

* Accommodates Large and Small Packages

* No more packages left on your doorstep

* Key Lock and Confidential /Secure Large Box

*On vacation or at work and packages pile up

*Customize to your home/ office (coming soon)

*Protection, Convenience & Privacy 

* Saves time and headaches for delivery drivers