Installation Tips

 Install your Packagemax simple and easy.  Place Max in your desired location (at the curb or on your porch) and weigh down with 40-50 lb bag of sand or Rocks. Contact a local professionals on the best way to secure your PackageMax for your specific needs.

* No Digging or Posts are necessary. Level the desired area and secure your PackageMax by placing a 40-50lb bag of sand/rocks at the bottom of max (not included).  This will make Max stable by weighing in around 100-120 lbs In total.  

* Can easily be secured with a traditional mailbox post through the bottom of Max where we left a 4x4 cut out.  Then just secure a piece of wood on top of the post to hold down MAX. 

*Consult a local professional or use owner discretion if securing Max to concrete or brick.